Hand-Held Risk Management Against Hazards

This is a specialized process, and it is best left to the specially trained, experienced and licensed risk manager to perform. All commercial and industrial business owners are able to reach out online to arrange for a series of arc flash hazard analysis tests to be carried out. The regular occurrence of an arc flash hazard is quite a serious matter indeed. It is believed that at least every thirty minutes yields yet another electrically induced injury.

These injuries are generally quite severe, ranging from skin burns to eye damage, breathing problems to hearing loss. It only takes fractions of a second for such injuries to occur. Such is the speed of the sudden arc flash. This is an electrical explosion that occurs due to a low-impedance connection with ground or other voltage phases within an electrical system. The electric arc has enough energy to cause a substantial amount of damage, as well as fire and injury.

arc flash hazard analysis

Material results that occur as a result of the sudden arc flash included unplanned downtimes, costly repairs and replacements and government-initiated fines. But the worst case scenarios are always injuries and, worse, death. Hand-held risk management work is essential at all costs. Warning lights flash when minor oversights are allowed. This can lead to an accumulation of dust, the mishandling of tools, condensation and accidental contact.

Corrosion has been mentioned. What should also be mentioned are equipment failures and faulty installations. The appointment risk manager is well within reach of avoiding all incidents related to the arc flash hazard consequence by simply deferring specialist responsibilities to the arc flash hazard analysis technician, properly trained, qualified and licensed. Finally, it remains the responsibility of all business owners to fully adhere to the recommendations made by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.